GPS dead? Map completely drenched by the day’s downpour? Don’t know how to use a compass? Panic not! Even in the ancient days, campers never knew things like GPS, compasses, or maps and they still managed

You'd be surprised what you can eat out there. The wilderness is full of edible plants and creatures for the survivalist who knows where to look, and few people know this better than the contestants on the History Channel's show Alone, where survivalists compete to stay out in the wilderness for the longest with no outside assistance. It begins its third season tonight at 9 p.m. ET. 

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What's the difference between a topographic map and a regular map? In a nutshell, topographic maps allow you to see a three-dimensional landscape on a two-dimensional surface. These maps show the land's contours, elevations, mountains, valleys, bodies of water, vegetation and more. This contour and elevation inf­ormation distinguishes them from other maps.

Learning how to use a compass is a skill that everyone who enjoys the outdoors will find useful and can be essential if you walk in isolated areas or in more challenging conditions. To navigate successfully you will need to use your compass alongside a map – so first make sure you are comfortable with reading maps. In urban areas and lowland countryside (in good visibility), good map readers can navigate well without using a compass.