The ax is one of the oldest tools used by man. Crude hand axes made of chipped stone wedges and rawhide lashings appeared over 1.5 million years ago. They were used from digging up roots to cutting wood and even from butchering animals to killing each other in battles. In the Bronze Age, blacksmiths crafted the double-bitted axes specifically as weapons for battles. They were first used as a tool for felling trees in the 19th century in Pennsylvania when the European settlers needed a felling ax so they can cultivate the new land.

Men have been stabbing, cutting and slashing each other for thousands of years. In fact, it’s believed that the first swords started to appear some 3,700 years ago. That is, as soon as man learned how to shape metal, he has been using that knowledge to kill. Over the centuries, swords became increasingly sophisticated – and increasingly deadly.

Picking a compound bow that fits you and your hunting style is a critical choice. Not only will you have to carry your bow around for the entire hunting season, it is a huge factor in that deciding moment that ultimately determines whether or not you are successful.

A bow that is the right choice for a given hunter is like an extension of their body. They can operate it smoothly and it is a precise fit for optimum efficiency.

Who makes the best knife? That’s probably a question you’ll want answered before you even think of investing in a great knife!  The best knives deliver a smooth rocking motion when cutting; they’re also perfectly balanced and feel great to hold. They are made from high carbon materials, and they hold their edge, even in the most used fields of application.